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Graduation Requirements

In order to earn a regular Johnson County high school diploma, students who entered high school AFTER 07/2011 must earn the required 23 credits (see table) and 3 local credits in addition for a total of 25 credits.  Students earn 1 credit per class per year. Johnson County High School students take seven classes during the day and have the opportunity to earn 7 credits a year.

Core Areas

Regular Diploma

   I.  English/Language Arts


  II.  Mathematics


III.  Science


IV.  Social Studies


 V.  Fine Arts and/or CTAE and/or Modern       Language


VI.  Health and Physical Education


VI.  Locally required units or Elective units


       Intro to Business and Technology






Total units (minimum)




1. Student must be enrolled at Johnson County High School for at least the last 4 semesters of his/her high school career. Summer school is considered an extension of the second semester.

2. A Valedictorian and Salutatorian must have met all requirements to receive a state diploma prior to being recognized in graduation ceremonies.

3. Any students recognized as Valedictorian and Salutatorian of JCHS must have completed the required number of HONORS courses, contracted courses, or a combination of the two. Dual Enrollment courses are considered HONORS courses.  The required numbers are as follows:             - Class of 2019 and beyond – 14 HONORS courses, contracted courses, or combination

4. Class ranking will be based on the student’s total GPA from grades nine (9) through the end of the 3rd 9 Weeks of 12th grade year. The GPA will be determined by averaging the actual numerical grades received in academic courses (only English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Foreign Language).

5. Unless a grading scale is provided, grades transferred into the system as a letter grade will be computed as follows: A = 95, B = 85, C = 75, D = 70 and F = below 70. 6. 5 points will be added to all grades when the course is honors, or Dual Enrollment courses.

 Based on the criteria above, the student ranked # 1 will be named Valedictorian and the student ranked # 2 will be named Salutatorian.